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New Mattress Tips

What you should pay attention to and what you should not forget.

For many people it is hard to buy a new mattress. Ever since we know how important healthy sleep is for people. The uncertainty of making a purchase is getting bigger and worse. Have you thought about buying a new mattress in lately and did not purchase the mattresses to this day? Here you will find a few tips to prepare you before buying a mattress.

Hard or soft mattress?

Both hard and soft mattresses have disadvantages and advantages. In a hard bed the body is forced to change posture and the spine can’t be supported properly. If the bed is too soft, the freedom of movement is reduced, and the spine is suspended. Therefore, the correct degree of hardness must be found for each person.

In general, it is true that heavy folks are better off on a hard ground because they can sink deeply on a soft mattress. Yet, even a heavier individual can choose a softer mattress if the reclining properties are suitable. The most important thing is that you are comfortable and healthy on the mattress.

Maintain the mattress properly

  1. Rotate ​- Use the mattress every time you change the sheets, at least every two months. If possible, also replace the head and foot ends of the matters. Do not cover the mattress during the day, let it feel air.
  2. Ventilation - To ensure that house dust mites do not multiply in the mattress, you should make sure that the mattress is well ventilated from below. For this, beds without a bed box are better. After six to nine years, you should buy a new mattress for hygiene reasons.
  3. Covers - To prevent dust mites, wash the mattress covers every two to three months.